So I’m off to north Wales next week with some friends, mainly as we’re booked on a Javelin track day on the 31st July, and also to sample the amazing roads in the area.

In order to ensure my ST it at it’s best the aim of the day was to change the following:
– Oil (Mobil Super 3000 5w40)
– Oil filter (MANN unit)
– Brake fluid (ATE TYP200)
– Coolant

I also cleaned my K&N 57i induction kit, drilled some cooling holes in my front bumper (#becauseracecar), fixed and painted by splitter (second time I’ve broken it) and  also took the opportunity to repaint my wheels. 

​We’re leaving Derby on the 30th July, heading the long way into Wales, stopping overnight before the trackday at Anglesey and then again stopping for a second night. To say I’m excited is an understatement! I’ve been to north Wales twice before and each time has been amazing, but I’ve never had the opportunity to drive on the Anglesey circuit. 

I’ll do a full write up of our adventures when we return.