Month: August 2018

A Day in the Garage for the TCF Boys

The 4th August 2018, a day many of us want to forget as quickly as we can. Boiling hot temperatures mixed with working on the cars all day in the garage. But everything went well, with no breakages, so that is one positive to take away from the day. 

Mitch Baldwin’s Fiesta ST was in for new rear beam bushes, the standard bushes had failed due to age and hard use. In their place would be Powerflex Polyurethane bushes. 

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Donington Park Track Day

On the 12th July many of our members joined Circuit Days on one of there evening sessions at Donington Park. 

The evening was full of sunshine, lots of smiles, some great driving and everyone thoroughly enjoyed there time on a very well organised and ran evening trackday. 

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